About Andrew

I started playing around with a camera when I was about 16. Since then, I’ve made a few hundred of my own videos for all kinds of different people. I started out on my own full-time in February of 2009. Early in 2012, I reached a goal of making a concert film when I joined the band Disciple on the road across the southern US. I’ve filmed CEOs and atheletes, brides and assembly lines. I look for interesting stories above and beyond beautiful imagery. I have a marketing background which I think helps me to be more present in the communication strategy behind your film – just as much as being able to film and edit it as well.

My process is quite simple. I ask you a few questions, find out the message you’re trying to say and then we work together to get your message delivered using beautiful cinematic shots and effective story telling. I ¬†understand that it’s ‘hard to be on camera’ – but one of my specialties is being able to help people relax and come across naturally. We know how to make you feel comfortable and we’ve been doing it now for over 4 years.


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DSLR Cinematographer, Editor, Director, One-Man-Band, (Clearly not a web designer)